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What We Do

As experienced business owners we understand the business drivers of an organization. We focus on the critical internal and external business elements that drive growth & profitability for our clients. When all of the gears are properly connected and working correctly, an organization can grow at a sustainable rate.

Two vital components of a growing company include effective marketing and leveraging your people & their talents for sustained business growth.

When your strategic marketing message is properly developed and communicated effectively it's critical to have the right team in place to meet your valued customer outcomes - which will drive sustained profitability and growth. Unlike most HR consulting firms that you may have encountered, we focus on growing your business, not handcuffing it.

Our service platform is built on a complete business assessment, from processes to people.  Building Profit through Building People, by Ken Carrig and Patrick M. Wright is the foundation for our total business building programs.

We offer a full suite of employee assessments, managerial and executive level coaching, a complete portfolio of training programs (including a customizable Leadership Academy), and consulting expertise in organizational excellence; along with hands-on-guidance to help you build and develop an outstanding workforce.

Conversational Intelligence®

Conversations are the way we connect, engage, navigate and transform the world with others. Yet, conversations are not what we think they are. We are now learning, through neurological and cognitive research, that a “conversation” goes deeper and is more robust that simple information sharing.

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In our ever-faster-moving world, leadership is increasingly needed from more and more people, regardless of where they are in the hierarchy. Leadership is about vision, inspiring and motivating people, and successfully driving change. Today’s leaders make decisions in an increasingly unpredictable business environment and it’s no wonder the quality of leadership can make or break the sustainability of any organization.

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“Employee assessments help you make better personnel decisions by providing consistent, in depth, objective information on your workforce. In many organizations personnel costs are among the largest budget line items.

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“Companies are investing in coaching, not only in an effort to develop a new generation of leaders to replace retiring baby boomers, but they're also trying to improve the performance levels of their younger first line supervisors, managers, and leaders - those who don't have much (if any) experience overseeing other people.”

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There are two things EVERY business owner wants. First, they want to generate more leads, attract more clients and make more money so they can eliminate any current financial distress they find themselves in. Second, they want to reach at least $1 million in annual revenue so they can begin to live the life they have always dreamed of having and so richly deserve.

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