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Improve Communication; Improve Your Results Conversational Intelligence® (C-IQ)

Conversations are the way we connect, engage, navigate and transform the world with others. Yet, conversations are not what we think they are. We’ve grown up with a narrow view of conversations, thinking they are about talking, sharing information, telling people what to do, or telling others what’s on our mind. We are now learning, through neurological and cognitive research, that a “conversation” goes deeper and is more robust that simple information sharing.

Conversational Intelligence® (C-IQ) is what separates those who are successful from those who are not – in business, in relationships, and even in marriages. It is through conversations that we connect and communicate. Conversations are the golden threads that enable us to move toward and trust others. A seemingly simple act such as talking with a colleague – a short exchange of words in a hallway – can alter someone’s life permanently.

C-IQ provides a framework and practices for the way individuals, teams and organizations listen, engage, architect, and influence the moment and shape the future, in all situations. When we use our C-IQ in business we strengthen the organization’s culture to achieve greater business results.

Harnessing Your Executive Brain

When we are in flight/flight mode, we are operating from our primitive brain, generating cortisol that shuts down our ability to be creative, strategic and engaged. So where do we want to operate from and how do we get there?

The prefrontal cortex is called the executive brain. If an interaction feels safe, we produce oxytocin, which allows us to relax and create a state of trust. This gives us access to empathy, strategic thinking, problem solving and innovation. When we are able to operate from this place in the brain, we begin to see opportunities for co-creating solutions together.

Listening to Connect

We move from protecting our own self-interests to creating a “WE-centric” inclusive environment. The first step is to listen to connect. This is not a concept gaining traction just in the coaching field. There has been research published in Harvard Business Review on the power of connecting first.

The key is not how smart you are. What separates those who are successful from those who are not – at work, in our relationships is the quality of conversations. Everything starts with a conversation.

The secret? Going beyond Emotional Intelligence (EQ) to Conversational Intelligence®

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As an expert in the neuroscience of conversations, and the creator of this methodology called Conversational Intelligence®, Judith E. Glaser really sums up the power of conversations:

“To get to the next level of greatness…
Depends on the quality of the culture, which
Depends on the quality of the relationships, which
Depends on the quality of the conversations"

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