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Client Testimonials

I had the pleasure of meeting Cynthia through my husband and one of the companies we own; he had known Cynthia for a little over two decades and thought there might be some value in connecting us for another company I own. Boy was he right! We had been facing a recurring issue around advertising sales representative retention. Cynthia came in and showed us how we could improve our interview process to look beyond the candidate's past and more toward their future with our organization. How could we tell if they were a good fit for our sales model, for our product, and more importantly, our corporate culture. The process hasn't been without its bumps, but that one of the great things about Cynthia...she's dedicated to working with you and your organization to achieve the best possible results as YOU define them, not her. I've worked with a lot of consultants in the past and this is definitely a rare attribute; one that is appreciated more than we've shared with her in the past. We've enjoyed our relationship so much with Cynthia that we've begun to expand our engagement into other areas of the organization as well as refer her to some of our clients. I highly recommend Cynthia and her team to help your organization soar!

T. Ryan Lawrence, COO & Partner, Carma Productions

Do you have a teen needing direction on future college and career choices? Cynthia provides an amazing, affordable evaluation that will truly guide them in the right direction and give them insight into career and education choices they probably have never even considered. I highly recommend you contact Cynthia before your child makes a career or college choice that doesn’t really fit their goals or personality.”

Lee Ann Nolting Sherry

I have used multiple business coaches in my years, and by far Cynthia and her team are the best I have ever used. Unlike most business coaches, Cynthia has the real world working experience, which makes her extremely qualified to help you grow your business. No matter how good you think you are, Cynthia can make you a better person and help you run a better business. She is focused, extremely intelligent, and best of all, down to earth. I am very fortunate to have her in my life, and I highly recomend her services!

D. Tallman, Business Owner, Mortgage Solutions of Georgia

"Inspired Business Services recently completed a consulting job for our Atlanta, GA security services company. With their knowledge and expertise gained from years of analyzing our target customer Inspired Business Services educated my staff and I on several best practices within the multi-family industry. Cynthia and Natalie were instrumental in developing our local go-to-market strategy. In addition, they are also experts on execution and follow through to ensure long -term successful results. I would recommend Inspired Business Services for organizations seeking an innovative approach to reach your prospects while building a successful brand.

S.Muntean, CEO S3 Security

I have had the pleasure of working with Cynthia in a variety of capacities and projects over the last 20 years. Cynthia's business talents are only reviled by her incredibly positive attitude and unending work ethic. It was truly an honor to have her counsel and entrepreneurial spirit as ARK was launched. Our relationship has only strengthened as each year has passed and she remains a powerhouse partner to the ARK team as well as so many leaders in the business world. There are only a few people in business I would describe as visionary, but Cynthia is in that elite category! I recently saw her work closely improving the hiring process for an ARK client, and personally watched the talent levels and sales rise!

C. A. Ryan-Lawrence, Founder & Principal of ARK Leadership Inc

Cynthia is an extremely successful business women in her own right which I personally find very important in a business counselor. Why? Because I believe its those that DO should be the only ones to TEACH. I had the privilege of sitting down for a private one to one and came away with more solid advise then I've ever received in past presentations. Cynthia not only shares with you "what to do" but "how to do it". As Silver Line Specialties grows I know I'll be going to Inspired Business Services to ensure that there are no missteps along the way.

B. Silverman, Owner Silver Line Specialties

Cynthia has been a trusted coach and mentor for years. In that time she has helped me determine my goals more clearly, modify my processes, and make important decisions. Cynthia is a leader for the leaders, she is able to quickly identify areas for improvement and provides a cohesive, measurable plan of action to achieve goals within an organization or with one on one coaching.

K. Bain

Cynthia, and Inspired Business Coaching has trained me to become a model...a business model...actually, a model business woman. Her team has helped me turn a web development passion into a viable, sustainable career. My calendar is now full of all the right meetings with the right individuals or companies and I've lea

K. McInerny, Owner Websites by Kris

Cynthia is a passionate, hardworking, woman who empowers others through grace and her deep knowledge base. She and Natalie have helped us think outside the box and really help you see your potential while creating processes to increase business. They are very good at keeping you accountable. We enjoy working with her energy and positive attitude. I highly recommend using her services to better your company. She is worth the investment.

N. Wells, Co-owner of the Allstate Wells Agency, 2nd largest in GA.

Working with Cynthia and Natalie was such a positive experience. They helped me to recognize talents that I did not know that I had. They helped me to identify my strengths and weaknesses and provided me with the tools to utilize both to seek a career that best suited me. They were a pleasure to work with…a true blessing. Cynthia and Natalie are professional, personable, and inspirational. I highly recommend working with them. They are a great team!” -

Heather Laird, Career Transition Client

“Thanks Natalie for your help, we now have the confidence that the person we have hired will be a lasting and trustworthy employee. Given our experience in the past this would have really helped us and we could have avoided some “issues”. We thought the survey was VERY informative and easy to understand and recommend anyone looking to hire use this product. Thanks for outstanding service !”

E. Pierce, Business Owner Salon Belizza

I have known Cynthia Samuels since 2000. Cynthia is the consummate multifamily industry professional and will do whatever it takes to serve/help her property management clients---and those within the multi-family industry.

Cynthia has been involved with the Atlanta Apartment Association, Triangle Apartment Association, Greater Charlotte Apartment Association, National Apartment Association, Georgia Apartment Association, North Carolina Apartment Association and The Greater Birmingham Apartment Association.

For those who have worked with Cynthia---they love her leadership style and approach! I love her passion for success and the professionalism she brings to each task/day. Cynthia is fast to get things done, a quick-learner and study, can grasp large concepts rapidly and she can assimilate data and extract the salient and relevant action steps as a result.

Ernest Oriente

I have been privileged to have known Cynthia in a professional capacity for almost 10 years and worked with her through an employee/client relationship and in a volunteer capacity through the Atlanta Apartment Association. Cynthia has a passion for coaching and mentoring and it shows in her dedication, compassion, professionalism and interaction with her clients and colleagues. Her knowledge of the multi-family industry has made her a leader in the business and her work ethic and interaction with her clients leaves a positive permanent mark on their careers and/or business. It is my sincere privilege to be able to recommend Cynthia Samuels

A. Grant-Lott

I have been so fortunate to have had the pleasure of working with Cynthia! She is a dynamic force in the industry. She is dependable, trustworthy, prompt and thorough! No matter what is asked of her she finds a way to say "Yes" to the customer! She quickly and efficiently completes each transaction all the while making it a joy to do business!! I love working with Cynthia!

T. Tucker Toni

Natalie is extremely efficient and knowledgable in all management skills. Her guidence has been very helpful for our company in determining everything from contacts to inventory flow. Managing the details and thinking through the possibilites is a task that as a small business we do not always have time for. Natalie sees our future so to speak and continues to help us achieve our goals! She is a pleasure to work with.

P. Shelton, Owner, Body Bliss

We hired Natalie about a month ago and she really knows her stuff! We have improved and streamlined our systems as well as increased profitability using her coaching services. We highly recommend!

D. Tallman, Business Owner, Mortgage Solutions of Georgia

I've worked with Natalie for well over 10 years. She has always done a great job with integrity in every role and job she's tackled. She's expert at understanding and structuring complex procedures and processes with the ability to integrate several / different work functions within them. She has always enthusiastically taken on new challenges over the years which has broadened her talents making her a valuable addition in areas such as quality management systems, EH&S regulations, various work processes and procedures, ISO 9000 requirements, budget and laboratory management, among others!

D. Honkomp, Sr. Dev Chemist at Dow Chamical

Natalie's responsibility as a commercialization specialist demanded attention to quality, safety, product performance and resourcing. She managed these multiple demands well in order to meet customer requirements for timely solutions and increased market effectiveness. A strong work ethic and ability to interface with various work groups were hallmarks of Natalie's job performance.

S. Blake, Sr. Reseach Technologist at Dow Chemical

Natalie is absolutely the best person I have ever worked with in regards to understanding the complicated inner workings of business systems.

Dow Chemical has quite a few overly complex and interwoven systems - Natalie is our go-to person when we needed to understand how the systems worked together, and what the ramifications of some contemplated action would be on the business.

She also has a very high degree of personal integrity. What she says, she will always do. Everyone has a high degree of trust in her for this reason, and because of her in-depth business knowledge.

M. Dean, North American Environmental, Health & Safety Delivery Leader at Dow Chemical