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Business coaching is exactly what it sounds like—an outside expert brought in to provide you with the tools needed to more effectively manage your business. At Inspired Business Services, our expert Atlanta business consultants will guide your company through a transformational process tailored specifically to your needs. In addition, our tools and solutions provide you with the critical information needed to attract, hire, assess, develop and retain top talent that will drive business profitability.

Cynthia and Natalie are passionate about working with companies by using their proprietary P.I.V.O.T. process to elevate levels of engagement, collaboration and to build a whole new awareness of words used in the workplace and how conversations with team members can build trust and positively impact profits.

The primary advantages of business coaching and consulting are twofold:

  • A Fresh Perspective: Business coaches offer a new way of looking at your company’s situation. Sometimes, a problem can seem insurmountable, but a new perspective can unlock the solution quickly. A business consultant can dispassionately evaluate a company in a way its leadership often cannot: without emotional attachment or bias.
  • Experience and Expertise: At Inspired Business Services, one of our great advantages is the ability to draw on outside experience. Not only does that allow us to see things in a way you might not have thought of, but it also means that we can tell you what’s worked for others in the past and what hasn’t. By using that experience and combining it with a purposely-tailored plan for your company, we save you the aggravation of a trial-and-error process that can be costly, both in terms of time and money.

So what, exactly, does a business coach do? The approach of a business coach is to provide guidance and motivation, much like a coach in any other field.

A business coaching program at Inspired Business Services is a multi-step process.

  • Investigation and Analysis: Our business coaches and consultants take a very personal approach to improving your business. Instead of installing a cookie-cutter program for every client, we address your company’s needs individually. This requires learning about your company, its philosophy, its practices and its goals in great detail in order to create a program that fits your needs.
  • Planning: Given your company’s unique situation, we’ll create a set of guidelines, ideas and potential courses of action in the form of a strategic plan. Our goal is to help you find solutions for your short-term challenges and achieve your long-term goals, whether they’re modest and specific or ambitious. Our business coaches will guide you through your available opportunities to achieve the results you thought were impossible.
  • Implementation: At Inspired Business Services, we don’t give you a list of instructions and leave you to figure things out from there. Our business coaches will move through the C.A.S.T.L.E process with you to set baseline metrics and goals to:
    • Control the numbers
    • Define your Aspirations
    • Set Srategy
    • Define the Tactics
    • Build Leverage
    • Build development plan to Evolve
  • Enacting Your Plan: Just as it’s the philosophy of Inspired Business Services to help you come up with a well-informed strategy for your business, it’s also our business consultant philosophy to stay with you when you implement it. We can help you evaluate your progress and adjust your strategies, goals and philosophy as necessary.

Even the best-thought-out plans are subject to change with the evolving business environment, and a good business coach will guide you through the transition.

Companies of all sizes benefit from our coaches and Business consultants in Atlanta. Whether you need help getting your new company off the ground or you want to reevaluate time-tested methods, Inspired Business Services can help you clarify your goals and set a plan to achieve them. And once that’s done, we can help you go even farther.

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