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The Uncomfortable or Difficult Conversation - The Conversation No One Wants To Have!

How many times have you, as a professional, avoided difficult conversations? Just the thought of having a difficult conversation fills you with anxiety and distracts you from your work. Uncomfortable or difficult conversations are just a part of life, but what if you had a roadmap that could transform these conversations into vital conversations.

Consider this process for transforming a potentially uncomfortable or difficult conversation into an opportunity for growth for both you, the other person or your team. Everything starts with a conversation, so begin by preparing yourself for a “growth experience” not a conflict.

Instead of recounting past difficult conversations and assuming that this one will be just like the others in the past, I challenge you to consider priming yourself by asking these questions:

  • How do I want this person or my team to feel after our conversation is over?
  • What can I do to set the stage for them to hear the news with an open mind and heart?
  • How can I set the context for an empathetic exchange?

Once you’ve answered these questions you can developed a strategy for the conversation. Following is an overview of how you can structure your conversation with a new and different mindset.

  1. Set the context for caring, courage and candor
  2. Explore desired outcomes
  3. Share perspectives while being open, honest and non-judgmental
  4. Discover what’s important to both of you
  5. Contract for success as you both move forward

How will you use this information to shape the next difficult conversation that you may have for success?

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