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Direct Response or Bust

Direct Response or Bust There are two major types of marketing strategies. The first one and the one that you are probably most aware of is “branding.” The goal of the company is to saturate the market with their ads over and over again. You know what companies I’m talking about... Nike, Coca-Cola and Apple. But small business owners don’t have the money to fund successful HUGE campaigns like that. So, let’s look at the second type of marketing, direct response marketing.

The second marketing strategy is called “direct response marketing.” Direct response marketing evokes a “direct response” from your potential customers. This type of marketing is used to answer questions, help your prospects through the buying cycle, present your branding, products/services and the reason you do what you do.

Customers love this, as they are offered the opportunity to engage with you, whether that is by signing up for your email community, opting in for a FREE tool or resource that will guide them through the decision making process, posting a comment or question on your social channel pages, or purchasing a product or service from you.

So, what does “direct response marketing” look like? Well, it comes in many forms. Since everyone likes lists here are a few of my favorites for you to consider:

  1. Direct mail – honestly, direct mail marketing is NOT dead!
  2. Print ads with a compelling message in publications that reach your target market.
  3. Coupons, specials or other incentives that are time-bound to create urgency
  4. Free Reports, white papers or case studies that are downloadable that position you as the one to solve their problem.

Some of the advantages of direct marketing are listed below. Which of these resonate with you? Once you find one, create a quick action plan and execute it.

  • A great way to fill up your funnel during lulls in your business cycle
  • Productive way to communicate and empower you to create more relationships
  • Great way to up-sell and cross-sell to current customers
  • Low cost way to rustle up new business
  • Used as leverage to turn small sales into large sales
  • Supplement your current marketing program
  • Cost-effective way to reach target markets
  • Offers measurable results
  • Reach outside your local area for new business

These are all great things that can come from just taking a few simple steps to put together a direct response marketing plan and executing it. I could go on and on about different tactics and benefits of direct response marketing but I don’t want to bore you. But I do want you to remember this . . . a plan alone will not get you results – you must take action to execute the plan, right?

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I love sharing “Inspiring” quotes…

“I honestly don’t think you’ll ever find a safer, lower-risk, higher-profit method of increasing your business or profession than direct-response marketing.” — Jay Abraham

Direct response marketing is one of the best ways to launch your business on a large scale and reach out to everyone in your target market whether they are in your local area or not.

Give it a try and let me know your results. Of course, if you need help we’re here for you.

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