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Conversational Blind Spots – Part 1 of 5

Conversational Blind Spots – Part 1 of 5 The Inspired Team has been studying Conversational Intelligence. ® This body of work has transformed the results of organizations all over the world. Let’s take a peek to discover what this new “intelligence” is all about.

We are in conversations every day and research shows that 9-10 conversations miss the mark. You may think….”I don’t have time to spend in deep conversations – they just take too long.” Here’s the power tip – by mastering Conversational Intelligence ® you will find that conversations are easier to have, even when they are deemed to be “difficult conversations.” Learning to talk in a way where they listen to you and you listen to connect with them.

Well, you might wonder how you can become more conversationally intelligent. One way to improve is by recognizing and overcoming the five most common conversational blind spots.

Let’s look at Blind Spot #1 – “We assume that everyone thinks like we do.”

Blind Spot #1 of 5: When you're having a conversation do you make an assumption that others see what you see and feel what you feel...even think what you think? If so, you may be experiencing a "conversational blind spot" that could be holding back your professional development.

When we are committed to our point of view and not truly open to the views of others, we don’t connect with their perspectives. If we listened to connect with their perspective as they see it, we would realize how different they view the world around them.

Our bodies pick up the disconnect from the other person and switch to a stronger need to convince other that we are right. Actually, “human beings have a high addiction to being right,” according to Judith K. Glaser, author of Conversational Intelligence. When we do persuade others that we are right and they are wrong, our dopamine level (the brain’s “feel good” chemical) goes up. “Winning a point makes us feel good – it makes others feel bad, but we often don’t realize that.

To discover more about Conversational Intelligence ® and how we can help your organization recognize the blind spots and remove the blinders to improve communication, a primary challenge in most organizations, to build an organization based on trust and achieve extraordinary results.